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  1. Great website Allan! I have enjoyed reading the entries on here including the one pertaining to our day together. You captured the feeling of that day and the late water quality program so well. I also hope that local volunteers and people all over Canada start using their wonderful knowledge regarding their environment and using it to protect and preserve it. Thank you for posting the story!

  2. Hi Allan
    Congratulations on winning a GG award! I purchased the book last year and it has been passed around to many family members. I really enjoyed the “family touch” interjected through out. The little red cabin will always be near and dear to my heart! We have cabin owners in our family inspired by that little red cabin. Phil and Debbie purchased a 1930 vintage cabin next to us 2 years ago. Shawn and Alison purchased one last year. Their cabin is next to Phil and Deb’s. We have many good family times in our quaint abodes! It has the feeling of Emma Lake on days gone bye…come see us,we’d love to have you,we may even be able to burn a few hamburgers!


  3. An important, thoughtful book for many SK/Canadian people. You have a terrific sense of place. I live very near Last Mountain Lake in the Village of Silton and am a member of the Lumsden Valley Community Association (LuVCA), a group of citizens concerned about sustainability in the Qu’Appelle Valley. We seek to accommodate all natural processes and a wide range of human activities including viable agriculture and public accessibility, and, to influence public policy through meetings, education, research and advocacy – right now, be aware of an initiative by the provincial government to implement a new “Saskatchewan Environmental Code” that may precede the emasculation of the provincial Environment Ministry in the upcoming budget. This involves “streamlining the regulations” and a “results-based management” approach that has prepared the way for cutting environmental standards in other jurisdictions to expedite development.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Bill. Apologies for taking awhile to respond. The anti-spam machinery on my website works too well and sometimes grinds up the good with the bad….

    I have some knowledge about the new code, and of the complex issues in the Qu’Appelle Valley, which is so fragile, unique and in-demand by people. Always eager to have the latest info., so please feel free to post here any time on those issues, and share news.

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