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One thing leads to another, they say, and nowhere is that more true than on the internet. I no sooner set up my humble shop on blogger.com than I outgrew the space and moved here. This place isn’t fully furnished yet, but I think it is time to call it officially “Open for Business.”

With the new elbow room, I’ve got a venue to develop a couple of new projects that need a place to grow. One, a little thing called Citizen Science, has already been introduced in the previous post. Part 2 is coming soon, I hope within hours.

Let me tease you with a partial glimpse of the other one. It is called Small Red Cabin. I can’t give away too much about it right now, except to say that it is a new program promoting responsible use of private resort property. Across Canada, people are concerned about development pressure on wild and semi-wild areas accessible from cities — cabins turning into mansions, bush turning to gravel and gravel to pavement, water turning green with algae. If you are one of those concerned but don’t know quite what to do about it, Small Red Cabin will offer options. I am just fleshing out the program now in partnership with a group called the Boreal Forest Learning Centre. If you’ve been to the Ness Creek Music Festival here in Saskatchewan, then you’ve seen the BFLC’s own beautiful forest home on the edge of the wild. We’ve got a bit more discussion to do at our end before things are unveiled, but I hope the Small Red Cabin logo — as yet still imaginary — will soon be spreading around the country like wildfire. (I don’t need to point out that wildfire is a rejuvenating force in healthy ecosystems, right?) ´╗┐In the days ahead, there will be plenty more on this, and I will be asking for your input.

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